I love it here and I never, ever want to leave. Except I’m hungry. My back hurts. I wonder what rerun is happening on Big Bang Theory. Are TV shows italicized? WordPress Blogging 101 starts today and something called “30 in 30” starts here in Seattle today, courtesy of Hugo House, our local writing community, extraordinaire. Okay I’m warmed up.

Today I shot pictures of a broken fire hydrant. And firetrucks, and firemen gathered around a manhole, one of them kneeling and pounding hard on something – I was too far away to see what it was. I also got pictures of water shooting four stories high, and teenagers driving by making rooster-tails in the rivulets of water, and of astonished and amused passersby. For me It was heaven. Bliss. Then I emailed them to a local news station.

Have I mentioned yet I’m old, and that I write? That the writing I’ve put on hold for a painfully long time has burst forth nearly fully formed? The drive, I mean. And ambition, and even the words, are all there. It’s like a second life. I write and my writing is ramping up because I’ve finally decided to not look back.  I read somewhere that that’s the number one thing about making dreams a reality. And, as someone said in a meeting I go to, Don’t look down. As if one were on a ledge from a great height. So lately I’m fooling around with creative nonfiction: essays, investigative journalism, and today photo-journalism.

The photos were taken with my Galaxy Tablet, and very on the fly but I did have the presence of mind to call the local news, KING 5. I spoke with a woman in a helicopter who said they’d already left the area (her crew had been a block from my apartment earlier in the day talking to the locals about a dead body found near an abandoned building) but that if I got pictures, to email them to her and she’d take a look.

So I did. And it took the top of my head off. And felt deeply, quietly, normal. And purposeful. Anyway – I learned so much today, about every facet of the experience, for instance: number the photos and name them, and send them in chronological order (make the editor’s job easier – duh on me).

The learning was at least an equally fantastic part of the doing. As is the right here, right now, of course.



One thought on “#Aboutme,#Cantfigureoutmywidget

  1. Haha, I didn’t think age and writing were mutually exclusive … or are they?
    Really looking forward to read some of your essays/investigative-journalism/photo-journalism work.
    And, have you figured out your widgets yet?

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