#Stats, #awards, and the dreaded #Likes: anathema to this #writer at this point.

Does anyone know how I can block all Likes from my blog?  As much as I try to ignore that they may be there, I can’t.  And, truly, I write for the pleasure of writing, not for the pleasure of awards. So please believe me when I tell you that if I had one limp pleasure pheromone left in my body, I’d suck it dry.

Yes I love awards and I get giddy with pleasure from Likes, like an addict loves crack.  I just can’t deal with them. I think yesterday I checked my stats at least ten times.  I know I said much the same thing in an earlier post, about how I was like Icarus one time, heady on the way the world received my writing. And then I crashed and burned, SO hard  And couldn’t write jack-SHIT for years. It was awful  Aw. Ful.

I may drop out of Blogging and Writing101 because I don’t trust my ego not to go there. I don’t know.  I do know it’s time for me to pull out when whatever it is stops being fun anymore.

For the people who know how to have 20 followers and still be happy and balanced quite easily, I applaud their emotional states, I do. Maybe someday when I’m ninety-seven I will have the same living/coping skills.  And maybe by then I’ll even be able to have a first-thought in response to their 22 followers that doesn’t include a bad word.  Hey!  Kidding! (Mostly.) I really do love the blogs and bloggers I’ve met here, and an impressed and warmed and inspired by them all, for their excellent writing, their courage and honesty, and of course, their ability to make me smile and down-right laugh out loud.

I’ll probably stick around only because maybe there are others here like me. A little cuckoo.





4 thoughts on “#Stats, #awards, and the dreaded #Likes: anathema to this #writer at this point.

    1. Cool, thanks! :)
      I haven’t been around much lately, so don’t know what’s new with you, but thanks for popping in. :)
      OMG, I went back in and read that old post and the typos, and grammar errors – ! Good thing I have such thick skin sure ha ha.
      Aw, I’ll clean it up another time…Bigger stuff on my plate right now (although a writer I Follow would be ashamed of me for not doing it NOW lol).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. no problem…..i have been away myself for a while…..
        and it’s great to have a thick skin…….i have one too….
        best wishes!
        have a great day!!! :) :)


  1. When I said I have thick skin, I was joking. I’m not THIN skinned, but nobody who knows me would ever describe me as being thick skinned lol. Some may say i’m sensitive, which i am, both in good ways and not so good ways but hey, we’re all a work in progress. The older I get the thicker (thank goodness) my skin gets.
    Have a lovely day. xx


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