Have I mentioned I threw my laptop off my five-story balconey last week?

(why capitalize the title? it’s a post not a freaking book for God’s sake)

So yeah, I was that mad. Kinda like now.  I just went to my blog and ALL the widgets I’d f’ing struggled to learn and deal with are gone. Gone. Poof! What I know is that I changed one letter in the title of my blog this morning.  That’s all I did.  Can’t God send me a flat tire?  Something new?

I’m writing in lower-case but that’s certainly not how I feel.  I am hating this shit. Plus I certainly can’t afford to buy another fucking computer you Asshole!



Note: What the hell? It says I published this at 8:59pm. Which is bullshit.  It was two pm.  Why does my computer think I’m in like, Australia? Whatever, I’m going back to bed.


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