You Really CAN Be a Writer In Your Pajamas

God! It’s like I have to hang dead rats outside my door, and lose my phone so people will leave me alone. Even posting the “Don’t knock and this means you” sign isn’t effective because someone always thinks that “you” couldn’t possibly mean them. And plus, it’s like my time just gets sucked out if it isn’t ALL accounted for at the start of the day.

For example: all I did on my blog yesterday was download some photos. I was trying to do the homework which said get a photo and put it on your blog, to help grow your audience by being easily recognizable. Like the red Target bulls-eye. Through branding. So I did that and then I spent about an hour looking at 200 photos. They were really good! And oh yeah, I lost something I knew I would never find again but I spent about three hours looking for anyway (no, it wasn’t a piece of crack but keep guessing). And I colored a friend’s hair.  And that’s it! The day was over.

The point is, if I don’t stand guard over my time, it dribbles the hell away. Or life swoops in like a chicken hawk and then it’s night and there’s another day all shot to hell. And I don’t even have a job anymore. It’s disgusting. I’d get more done if I just lay on my bed with my eyes open.

But my topic, about how you really can be a (freelance) writer in your pajamas?  It’s true.  It’s just that unless you get out of bed, take a shower, put on clothes you could as least go to the grocery store in, and carry your laptop ten feet to your desk, you won’t get much done.




4 thoughts on “You Really CAN Be a Writer In Your Pajamas

  1. Dusty, I’m not at all surprised at your Gr8 writing ability. Why? = Long story short – I used to Work in the astrology field, & I learned Pisces is Very conducive to writing, stories, poetry, deeper songs, etc. ~Know U personally, as I do – when I found out U have a Pisces Rising THAT in itself is a Powerful Good Sensitive placement. But, THEN I learned U Also have your Moon in Pisces!!! = SO, it’s like a Double Power Tool for Your writing abilities!!! ~ You ARE Good!!! ~Sincerely, J.D. Denning


    1. Hi, Yeah, I’m okay. Re the widgets, I changed my theme and thought they would come with me. But no. And re the laptop, it’s not so okay but that had to do with a personal relationship that sometimes drives me bat-shit berserk, not the widgets. And the pajamas lol. They’re sweats.

      Hey thanks for asking. And congrats on the blog nomination!! Your blog truly is beautiful.



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