Without my Blogging101 class, I’ve stalled.

Plus it ended badly, like a break-up. Or something. And now I don’t know what to do with myself. Shit. This is bad. I’ve never had to think about what to say here but I do now. And I have to post something. But not this awful drivel. I don’t come here to reflect.

The room is so quiet I can hear my cat breathe. I

 do not anthropomorphize her but I am grateful to her. In the past, whatever room in the house I slept in, she slept there as well.

My blogs all need clean up, plus they need separating, and a reconsideration of their individual purposes. I’ll be busy doing that. Not publishing. Jesus. I feel like I’m send this from the morgue.


2 thoughts on “Without my Blogging101 class, I’ve stalled.

  1. Oh Red, I appreciate you so much. Thank you but I’m going back to pen and paper to write, while I work on the tech aspects of my blogs. I’ll be reading, though. :)


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