#My grammar and punctuation are SO bad, I can’t get started again

Grammar and punctuation are both really boring to learn at my age, and about as much fun as the proverbial root canal.

I mean, I’m not 7th grade bad but bad enough so that I’m too embarrassed to write here, to be involved here, to do what I want to do most.  So I’ve stopped writing although obviously here I am.  Torn but I couldn’t stay away another second. Not writing feels like dying.

So in the meantime I’ve picked up a high-school kid’s grammar and punctuation book, to learn, to remember, to get back up to par re grammar and punctuation but studying it is slow going.  I used to love to diagram sentences back in school but now it seems so awfully boring. SO BORING.  I want to write, to talk, and NOT learn the mechanics of how…where’s my book…”an antecedent is the noun that the pronoun takes the place of or stands for.”  Ulgh.

I’ll keep plugging away.  God, when did I get so sloppy and lazy??  It’s sad plus I’m scared the punctuation police are going to rip me a new one. Well, punctuate this, mo fo.


#Grammar, #Punctuation, #Blogging101


4 thoughts on “#My grammar and punctuation are SO bad, I can’t get started again

  1. Hahaha :-) We’re probably in the same boat. I drive myself crazy thinking of when it’s okay to use a semi-colon … i just can’t seem to place them; so I use them whenever I feel like it.

    But I might try what you’re doing and get some of my old Englich grammar books and start reading up on that…Nice Tip. Plus, I think it’s okay to make mistakes, so long as you keep writing, you’ll be able to stop yourself before making them, or, go back and edit the whole thing later :-)

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    1. Hi! So good to hear from you, thank you. And thanks for the commiseration. If that’s the right fricking word. ;)
      Seriously, mine feels like one lonely blog, having just gotten back at it. Thanks for the “hellooo”, Art.


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