New Year’s resolution #1: flawless grammar and punctuation skillz

I haven’t been here writing on the blog in about four months.  I stopped coming here to write when Blogging 101 ended partly because of what felt like overwhelming technical problems, partly because I just lacked discipline to continue without the class and community but mostly because I felt I lacked good enough grammar and punctuation skills to be here without laughing at myself, skewering myself. Without being afraid of the punctuation police in and outside of myself.

Well, I couldn’t wait any longer.  So I’ve bought a book to study in the meantime, and though it is mindnumbingly dry so far, I’m going to learn what I need to learn.  Which is to say get my chops up high enough to at least be skilled enough to be published in The New Yorker (the grammar and punctuation end of the writing, nothing else).  What writer doesn’t dream of that.

I need to come as close to perfection as I can, while giving myself the luxury of making mistakes. That doesn’t have to be a pipe dream, does it? Crazy-good grammar and punctuation skills, with as little self-loathing as possible? And since one of my new year resolutions is asking for what I want, there it is.  Exactly what I want.

Wow.  I’m feeling pretty stiff.  Ulgh.






3 thoughts on “New Year’s resolution #1: flawless grammar and punctuation skillz

  1. *sigh* Grammar and punctuation… “You should have learned it all in school.” I often hear that expression from people… Either I was a bad student or my class wasn’t ever taught the basics. Seeing as I have no memory of grammar or classes on punctuation from school, I’m going to say that we weren’t taught it. So I guess my point is that I understand where you are coming from. Habits can be hard to break. Good luck with improving your skills and yourself. I hope you kick ass. :)

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