Why #StopWoody Is Important to Me

Thank you Rosie, for helping me be less asleep at the wheel.

Make Me a Sammich

A girl very much like I was. A girl very much like I was.

*Trigger warning for CSA*

Some of you will know that I’m a survivor of childhood sexual abuse (CSA). When I heard that Amazon has signed Woody Allen to create a new TV show for them, it reminded me of this story:

When I was nine years old, a family friend was sexually abusing me. This was unfortunately not my first experience with CSA, but it was my first experience with ongoing abuse. I was utterly terrified my mom would find out what was going on and *I* would be in trouble. When I say “terrified” please understand that I lived my life in fear. When I finally, in a screaming fit of terror, confessed “my” crimes to my mother, she did her best to help me understand it wasn’t my fault.

Soon after, as we got in the car as a family to…

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One thought on “Why #StopWoody Is Important to Me

  1. Thank you for highlighting this. More and more people should definitely stand up to protest when these things happen and that it’s never the victim’s fault. I think it’s sad that after that kind of repeated abuse, all that happened in the end was a smile and a handshake. #StopWoody

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