I Can’t Stop Watching TED Talks

The last couple of days I’ve been watching TED Talks like I used to read books about writing. It was only through a concentrated physical and emotional effort that I finally pulled myself away and brought myself here.

When I quit writing for a few days, the hard-won ground I gain getting back in to the groove of writing, for the millionth time, disappears and I have to fight just that hard to get started again.  I know this happens, hundreds of others know this happens and yet still I, and maybe you, still do it.  Or, it still happens. Obviously it’d be easier to just keep writing.

This is just a small post.  It’s like an emergency-stop cord I had to pull to get out of numb, out of watching people doing what they love on the TED talks to being one. At least a bit. A bit.




One thought on “I Can’t Stop Watching TED Talks

  1. Yup, this is happening to me right now. I’m supposed to get started on a story, but because I put off writing for days waiting for “the right time”, I haven’t even written a word :-( Plus, I think I should start getting rid of distractions.

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