Another Chapter… Hello 2015!

I enjoyed my first post of this fledgling writer so much, I’m Following him with great pleasure and anticipation. Wow. Sometimes you can just tell. ;)

Harrison Davis

One thing I have learnt from 2014 is that time flies. It seems as I get older time gets faster, so in mathematical terms, the speed of time is directly proportional to my rise in age. Obviously I know that the passing of time hasn’t got faster, that would be impossible, however it definitely feels like it has. Anyway away from the physics of time and back to the point. I left the year unsatisfied, not really making any positive progress in my life, I feel like I just coasted through the year and blamed school work for my lack of motivation and the fact it went so damn fast for my lack of achievements. I’m not saying it was a bad year, I did lots of positive things, just a lazy one, and if there’s one thing I regret it’s not writing more and pursuing my dream of becoming…

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