Adding another page to my blog

I tried to add another page today, one where I could put down my favorite poems but I can’t get that page to show up.  I really think because my theme only allows two menus, that I can’t link that page through a Menu button.

I think I’ll have to link it to some text on my homepage using the text widget.  If anyone reading this knows more than I do about this, please let me know!  Please and thank you.

I’ve spent hours looking at images for today’s lesson and I’m going blind, so this is the extent of my post today, except for another post of a favorite poem.  Also, there are a LOT of great blogs here and wow! can I lose track of time reading them!  Ya’ll rock!


7 thoughts on “Adding another page to my blog

  1. Hi. Rather than adding another page what you might want to do is add a custom menu, if your theme allows it. Here is a link to how to do that:
    What you do is give the same category to all the posts you want to group in one section, such as a category “poetry”. Then you add Poetry as one of your menu items. You would still post poems to your home page but they could also be accessed by clicking on the “Poetry” category in your menu. The word “Poetry” or whatever the name of the menu would appear next to “Home” and “About” below your header.

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    1. Hi, Thanks for taking the time to respond. Unfortunately my theme only supports two menus: Home, and About. What I ended up doing was using a text widget on my home page, used the name Poem I Love, and linked it to my new page of poems. Ta da! :)


      1. I had considered using your theme myself so I went back and checked. I know you are right that it only supports two menus, but a menu is a list of different categories, not just one. But no matter, if you found a solution that you are happy with that is what counts.

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  2. It will probably be a while before I can figure out how menus and categories work together or apart and how to use them to my advantage. So yes, I figured out a way to make it work. Which will do for now. :)


  3. Hi Dusty :-)

    I don’t know if you’re still interested in adding a new page, but if you are, you could give this a try.

    On your dashboard menu, select Page and then select ‘Add New’. You’ll be redirected to a Page section, which is kinda like the add new post section. Here, you can then give your page a title and write a description about this new page in the text box, just like you would a post you intend to publish. But in order to make this page appear on the menu, click ‘Page Settings’ and in the Parent Page drop down menu select, ‘no parent’.

    Publish this page and you’re done. A brand new page menu to house your favorite poetry collection!

    The downside to all this however, is that you’d have to publish your posts twice. First, as normal blog post (this is only necessary if you want to tell your followers that you’ve added something new) and then you’d have to copy and paste this post to the page section and place it under your Poems I Love page in the parent page settings. This creates a drop down menu when your reader hovers their cursor over ‘Poems I Love’.

    I’m not sure if this is what you were looking for but I hope this helps. It took me a while before i figured this out too on my blog :-)

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  4. Hi, Thanks for that but what I really want is what you already have: On your landing page you have Home, About, and Scrapbook. Since I have Penscratch also, and it says it only supports 2 menus, how did you get the third (Scrapbook)?? And hey by the way I read the comment on having a schedule and wanted to say I retired a few months ago and have been floundering: staying up til 3 in the am reading, sleeping til noon, watching The Price is Right and The View during the day (gasp)…so no schedule at all. I got so sick of it that I set an alarm for 8am and then went to bed by midnight last night. I didn’t even know, and was scared about, if I could sleep, since I’ve been staying up til 3am for so long but I turned out the lights and put my head on the pillow, and was out like a light. Anyhow, that’s my two cents about schedules.

    Will you tell me how you got that third page (or is it called a category), Scrapbook, on your landing page?

    Nice hearing your voice!!


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