Limerick post: one clean, one dirty


There was an old goose with no mate.

It seemed that would just be her fate.

But she finally got lucky

hooked up with a ducky

thus proving it’s never too late.

                  * * * * *

(and now the dirty-ish one)


She once was a girl with no butt,

as a mate she did not make the cut.

So she added some hip fat,

now boys want to hit that

She’s out of a long dating rut.

      * * * * *

Aside: I can barely think of names for my own poetry.  How do people think of names for their haikus and limericks?? In any case, that was really fun – I could do this all day long.


3 thoughts on “Limerick post: one clean, one dirty

  1. I like these! :D This young goose needs to get lucky too haha But yeah I agree it’s hard to think of a name especially for short poems because its like.. the title is almost 1/4 of the whole thing lol haha

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  2. Haha, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED both of them. Made me think of Valentine’s Day for some reason ;-) Plus, I want to keep reading the dirty one over and over, and over again… Are they meant to be read individually or as a set? Because it reads like a story … a really hilarious one!!

    “So she added some hip fat, now boys want to hit that” PERFECT!!

    I don’t know how to come up with names, so I’ll always go for the tried and tested technique: something clever. Maybe Dirty Dancing ? Double Dutch? … Okay, so they aren’t that good, and don’t make sense :-(
    But, great job!!!

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