Writing101: Ballad


I met him in the place one goes

when wine’s become like water,

this room had become my second home

as a father, and I its daughter.

I never once much noticed him

though I found in him much mirth,

and he had years and years on coin

but for me this was a first.

His humor rankled many but

I like his  bawdy truth,

he asked me for a tennis date

an old-timer but me in my youth.

We tried and tried, we gave it a go

but our differences were too many,

not the least of which was my tiny time,

and an unknown girl named Jenny.

My truths I wore upon my sleeve

my belly soft and sweet

but he lived a life away from me

that held secrets full of heat.

It took some time, he’s been long gone

for years now, and for that I’m glad.

And I heard he relapsed a week ago

Hi Karma!  (I’m not sad).

And he had years and years on coin

for me it’d been  a first

be careful who you hang around

the first year of your birth.






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