A new drop-down menu – yay!

Wow – I finally have a theme that permits me to have a drop-down menu.  I was using Penscratch and this new theme is Truly Minimal. I think Penscratch does allow for a drop-down menu but it wasn’t until I switched to this new theme that I could finally execute directions Michelle (rocks) and Art gave me to make a drop-down menu work. And, this theme has a featured image capability (I think – I’m still learning the terms) so I can get a different image on each post, rather than only having the landing page header throughout.

Feel free to correct my assumptions if they’re incorrect!


4 thoughts on “A new drop-down menu – yay!

  1. I love this new theme!! :-) It’s truly minimal and I think it does a great job of focusing on content. I keep thinking maybe I should add a background colour to mine, but I’m a sucker for clean, white, simple design.


    1. Yeah, I like Penscratch a lot too…I may keep tinkering with it to figure out how to have different photos for different pages…

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      1. I think you can do that using the ‘Featured image’ option in the new post settings. I try with my blog but I still haven’t figured out the right crop settings to make them look neat.

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      2. That’s what Michelle said too but I can’t really get the hang of it…and she did say Penscratch won’t do featured image but I’ve seen you DO have different photos on diff pages…


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