I Miss you Already!

Hi All, Now that the blogging and poetry classes are over (whew!) I’ll be working on researching, and reading  everything I can get my hands on that has anything to do with writing ad copy.  And reading everything I can on writing creative non-fiction. And will start writing some tiny little pieces to (hopefully) get published in magazines, and online (although at this very early stage I’ll be happy to start collecting rejection slips).

So, I need to put blogging on hold for a while.  And I think instead of just un-following the blogs I love, I’m going to turn off the Notifications so I don’t get notified when the blogs I follow post.  If I didn’t, reading what you write would be too much of an attention grabber for me to leave alone.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know this so that if you don’t hear back from me (in Likes and Comments) like you usually do, you’ll know that I haven’t gone out on a month-long drinking binge or am in jail, or in the hospital from a fiery car-wreck, or worst: ignoring you.

I won’t be ignoring you, I’ll be missing you.

Love, and write-on,

Susan (Dusty)


4 thoughts on “I Miss you Already!

  1. That’s very kind of you to give us an heads up.
    I wish you success on your journey to fulfilling your dreams…
    May it be all you hope it to be…Wonderful

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Please tell me this isn’t happening!…*sniffles* We’ll miss you Dusty!!!… a lot. But I’ll be waiting to see you on the other side :-) Wishing you success :-)


  3. Thank you, Art. I have kept two or three favorites open, and will see and respond to what you and a couple others write. You had me at your About page. ;)


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