I’m a woman without her HRT so…

God I so don’t f”ing want to be here today.  I’d rather take an alcohol induced flight. The only problem is I’ve come to understand, or at least appreciate how hard writing is.  So I’m trying to beat the odds by showing up: face-plant into palms.

I’ve always been terrified of short story writing.  I just couldn’t get it, at all.  But I ordered a new-to-me used book off Amazon, Modern Library Writer’s Workshop: A Guide to the Craft on Fiction, by Stephen Koch.  I may have punctuazationally mangled that title but I’m hormone-free so who cares. The book is a fucking miracle.  No, I am. No, we both are.

My short-stories are coming to me one line at a time.  The freaking magic I never understood is explained, and happening to me.  It isn’t magic at all.

Get it.


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