Save My Ass or Save Face But Not Both: Follow Button Undeleted

I don’t know who originally said this but I’ve hung around the program long enough to know this to be applicable in many instances where one needs help, or needs to be honest, or ask for a pardon: You can save your ass or you can save face but not both. Gulp. (In my head I hear people saying, Yeees?  Was there something you wanted to say?) They all have one arched eyebrow.

Okay:  I had growing pains and ranted about how much work it is to be Followed, and about how I needed to get my own work done and um, didn’t have to time to say thank you to new Follows, or respond to (ouch) Likes of my work. Or time to go in and read other people’s stuff.

Now: I’m slightly abhorred by my own arrogance. And I apologize. Like many, I have a time management problem. Not a you problem.  I hope you will pardon my growing pains. And yes, come back. I have the time, found the time, will make the time.  I can’t do without community. I somehow forgot that it’s the backbone of this place, especially for this fledgling poet-wants-to-try-short-story writer.

PS  To the new-to-me writers that responded to the afore-mentioned post, behind whom I now get to tag along, thank you.


Note: Comments of the “never apologize” persuasion will be cheerfully deleted.





6 thoughts on “Save My Ass or Save Face But Not Both: Follow Button Undeleted

  1. You can’t be expected to reply to everyone. Dip in and out. No one will hate you for not saying ‘hi’ – the world is full people far ruder than that. Just keep writing, keep blogging. Whatever works for you, do it!

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  2. I have this theory. There is a digital Karma. It occasionally smites someone’s blog with odd behavior problems. Somewhere a follow button disappears and somewhere else another one magically appears. That’s Karma.

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  3. What they said. Uh huh, and what I said earlier. And no apology necessary, but please don’t delete me haha. I didn’t think it was so arrogant, but then I’m a writer too and we are blind to our arrogance so I might not be a good judge of that.

    Thanks for keeping in touch again. You and Art were among the first in this community I got to know last fall when I started up my blog. Onward ho!

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