Untitled, iambic dimater

the day is done

the sun drops like

a second shoe.


3 thoughts on “Untitled, iambic dimater

    1. Lol you crack me up. Thanks. Just trying to save a tiny bit of work from yesteryear, and move on. Rummaging through a box of it, plus old journals, was bloody grueling, and flooded me – ugh. After yesterday I’m only going to do it once a week. Maybe once a month; it threw my into a deep depression. Or more likely, a tough grieving I haven’t done in a long time. Necessary maybe but Jesus! it hurts to approach old stuff, though after a cry I felt better. But the approach – aaaiii! ;)

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      1. You are a true writer if you suffer the effort. If it were not for my complete lack of focus, I might not survive it. I’m off into dreamworld every thirty seconds and it keeps things from getting to grueling. :-)

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