Light a Candle

Ancient Skies

from women2 via google

Please light a candle, or lift up a prayer, or send some positive thoughts, to South Carolina today, especially for the families that have lost loved ones recently. In this tragedy there is alot of anger, but anger is not what the families need right now. They need love and support. As the community there comes together, let us pray that they will receive the strength, and comfort they need.

Some of the family members have already offered their forgiveness, to the shooter. This seems impossible but it’s true and so powerful. It is overwhelming really. One mother invited the shooter to repent, and to join the same Bible study in the future. I can not even imagine this.

Whether you live in the United States, or somewhere else in the world, please pray or think positive thoughts for our nation,  and our world, that we would get rid of this…

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