Scrap my site and build a new one, or just change my layout? Help.

So, hey.  Hi.  It’s been a while. I didn’t accomplish what I left to do (write a complete short story), but I did start writing. Some essay-like stuff. The barest beginning of a couple short stories, and the merest understanding of how they work. All of that feels good. And now I feel ready to post actual writing, on the reg, instead of mostly writing about fear of writing. What I’m struggling with, what I’m wondering, is if I should scrap this blog and start a new one.

I feel like a different person, and my blog as it is feels like a younger version of myself. I feel… like more of a grown-up writer, and I want my blog to show that. But. Should not this blog reflect all of who I am, not just my new writing choices and maaaybe slightly improved abilities and choices of what to write? Then again if this blog were a resume, I wouldn’t include that job I had one teenage summer pumping gas, right? So I’m struggling. With being true to myself on the one hand, and having a more polished blog to better reflect the new content I want to present, on the other.

What has your experience with this situation been, and how have you handled it? Please and thanks.

For now,





3 thoughts on “Scrap my site and build a new one, or just change my layout? Help.

  1. There are so many reasons to change a Blog’s layout in order to reflect a new image or new direction…. but to scrap it completely does seem like overkill. Why don’t you just explore what options are available to you, and change your Home page photo to reflect this new direction. You can “busy” your page up, or you can simplify it. You can make it techno cool, or very traditional. I use WP’s free service and am surprised at what options are available. If you really want to scrap it completely and start a new blog, then I would have to ask “What are you really trying to achieve?”

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