When all else fails, write a rhyme-y poem.

I Love You, Dorothy Parker

Today the rain is a burden

and getting old seems reason enough

for a Kevorkian cocktail, and whiskey

if only I could stomach the stuff.





Some of the Best Writing Advice I’ve Been Given

I was hanging out minding my own business one morning last week when I got a comment.  A long comment. It was sent to me from Colin, who blogs about life with his dog Ray.  I have to admit I wobbled a bit.  I thought, Do I know you? I’d like to share his advice:

Your introversion seems to be clouding your view of the world, at least from a literary perspective. You seem to believe that everybody, apart from you, has no problems churning at Posts on a regular basis – Wrong! You seem to believe that you are unique in having grammatical concerns – Wrong! You seem to believe that your writing is rather “young” – Irrelevant!
If you are writing for yourself ……….. who cares! If you are writing to generate interest from others, then the only thing that matters is that you get your message across. If you can do with a 500 word single sentence, or no punctuation ………. more power to you. Correct punctuation and grammatical structures are certainly a benefit for purposes of clarity, but don’t get hung up on them ………. as long as your message is getting understood. Keep writing!

Then I laughed and wrote him a thank you note.


The Finger Poem assignment

I’ve tried but I got nothing.  The well is dry today so before I go into a full-on block, I’m giving you a link to someone who has a LOT to say about fingers.  Specifically, giving the finger.  I hope you’ve been doing your Kegels.


You’re welcome.

Writing101: Ballad


I met him in the place one goes

when wine’s become like water,

this room had become my second home

as a father, and I its daughter.

I never once much noticed him

though I found in him much mirth,

and he had years and years on coin

but for me this was a first.

His humor rankled many but

I like his  bawdy truth,

he asked me for a tennis date

an old-timer but me in my youth.

We tried and tried, we gave it a go

but our differences were too many,

not the least of which was my tiny time,

and an unknown girl named Jenny.

My truths I wore upon my sleeve

my belly soft and sweet

but he lived a life away from me

that held secrets full of heat.

It took some time, he’s been long gone

for years now, and for that I’m glad.

And I heard he relapsed a week ago

Hi Karma!  (I’m not sad).

And he had years and years on coin

for me it’d been  a first

be careful who you hang around

the first year of your birth.