Some of the Best Writing Advice I’ve Been Given

I was hanging out minding my own business one morning last week when I got a comment.  A long comment. It was sent to me from Colin, who blogs about life with his dog Ray.  I have to admit I wobbled a bit.  I thought, Do I know you? I’d like to share his advice:

Your introversion seems to be clouding your view of the world, at least from a literary perspective. You seem to believe that everybody, apart from you, has no problems churning at Posts on a regular basis – Wrong! You seem to believe that you are unique in having grammatical concerns – Wrong! You seem to believe that your writing is rather “young” – Irrelevant!
If you are writing for yourself ……….. who cares! If you are writing to generate interest from others, then the only thing that matters is that you get your message across. If you can do with a 500 word single sentence, or no punctuation ………. more power to you. Correct punctuation and grammatical structures are certainly a benefit for purposes of clarity, but don’t get hung up on them ………. as long as your message is getting understood. Keep writing!

Then I laughed and wrote him a thank you note.



A Favorite Poem by David Whyte

No One Told Me

No one told me
it would lead to this.
No one said
there would be secrets
I would not want to know.

No one told me about seeing,
seeing brought me
loss and darkness I could not hold.

No one told me about writing
or speaking.
Speaking and writing poetry
I unsheathed the sharp edge
of experience that led me here.

No one told me
it could not be put away.
I was told once, only,
in a whisper,
“The blade is so sharp-
It cuts things together
-not apart.”

This is no comfort.
My future is full of blood,
from being blindfold,
hands outstretched,
feeling a way along its firm edge.

~David Whyte