Help! I can’t access the assignments.

Hi All,

As someone said here in Writing 101, I am late to the party. I’ve had tech problems so much so that I’ve spent more time dealing with them here and on

Blogging 101, than actually blogging or writing


So I’m asking, If anyone sees this S.O.S would you send me an email with, or link to, the assignments thus far, in Writing 101? I signed up for the class but I have yet to engage and write.

My address is

Ever feel like that cart in the grocery store that has the one f****-up wheel? (By the way I’m tr

ying to stop swearing on the page, at least publicly. Even thinking of pitching an article to Cosmo, Confessions of a Reformed Potty-mouth. Anyone feel free to use the idea, just send me a copy so I can see how it turns out!)

Thanks so much in advance,


#Writing 101 #Assignment.

PS My “ENTER” has stopped working. Doh!