Three Blogs I’m Crushing On

These blogs, here, and here and here, have been such a delight to read. These are writers AND they also have other talents they share with us.  I am thoroughly enjoying them and I’m hoping you will as well.

The first blogger is a young man confident enough to speak from his awesome heart.  He is delightful: funny, kind, warm, and not afraid to shop in the women’s section.  The piece I linked to will steal your heart. Plus, that handsome face.

The second is a site I just discovered; the author is both a writer AND an artist, and her thoughts and art seem to go together.  Her drawings nail the feelings we all experience, and often in a whimsical way.  One of my new favorite sites.

The last blog was one I viewed early in the class.  This blogger makes homemade skin care products, and cleaning products, and probably other products I haven’t had time to look at yet.  Her writing is so personable, and often funny.  Plus, the picture with the tea bags on the eyes won my heart.

All these sites re-inspired me to be myself, and to do what I love.


An update: is the web address of the writer and artist, and I fixed the link that a kind reader let me know was only linked to one of the author’s drawings.  Apologies to all!