Save My Ass or Save Face But Not Both: Follow Button Undeleted

I don’t know who originally said this but I’ve hung around the program long enough to know this to be applicable in many instances where one needs help, or needs to be honest, or ask for a pardon: You can save your ass or you can save face but not both. Gulp. (In my head I hear people saying, Yeees?  Was there something you wanted to say?) They all have one arched eyebrow.

Okay:  I had growing pains and ranted about how much work it is to be Followed, and about how I needed to get my own work done and um, didn’t have to time to say thank you to new Follows, or respond to (ouch) Likes of my work. Or time to go in and read other people’s stuff.

Now: I’m slightly abhorred by my own arrogance. And I apologize. Like many, I have a time management problem. Not a you problem.  I hope you will pardon my growing pains. And yes, come back. I have the time, found the time, will make the time.  I can’t do without community. I somehow forgot that it’s the backbone of this place, especially for this fledgling poet-wants-to-try-short-story writer.

PS  To the new-to-me writers that responded to the afore-mentioned post, behind whom I now get to tag along, thank you.


Note: Comments of the “never apologize” persuasion will be cheerfully deleted.





Today I deleted my Follow button

I’m a horrible person to follow. Wait.  Following me makes me feel awful.  It freaks me out.  I have a gigantic ego, I think, but it looks like Swiss cheese; full of holes.  The last couple of days of posting after some time away, I picked up 10 (or is it ten) new followers and I’ve been paralyzed and depressed ever since.  I felt like, Oh God, now I’ll never get to write!

Please believe I don’t like posting what a neurotic case I sometimes am. But more to the point is that the blank page itself frightens me, which uses up a LOT of energy, so that when I turn on my computer to write, I don’t have the energy to read and like and comment on other people’s stuff.  I do like doing those things but I find that then I don’t have anything left-over for me.

Too, I’m not into the whole Like for Like thing.  I’m 56! Please.

Anyway.  I’m still going to follow a favorite few, can’t help that.  It’s just that I’d like to do some short story writing more, and meta writing less.

I’m grateful to the people who have followed me, I truly am. You made me feel like someone, like a writer.  You supported me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I love this line from the Wizard of Oz: I’m not a bad man; I’m just a very bad wizard.

NOTE: I only deleted my Follow widget.  I guess I’ll have to upgrade to be able to make the Follow link at the top of the page be gone.  :/