Questions For My Nominees

Here is my list of questions for my Liebster nominees:

  1. In grade school who broke your heart?
  2. What three things could you not live without on a deserted island?
  3. Are you a cat person or a dog person?
  4. Do you play a musical instrument? If not, which one would you like to learn?
  5. What was your most embarrassing childhood experience?
  6. What’s your go-to comfort food?
  7. What’s on your nightstand that you’re reading now?
  8. When did you realize that writing made you happy?
  9. If you could have lunch with any person not living, who would that person be? And why?
  10. Who is your favorite poet, or poem?

Nominated for the Liebster Award

Hi All, Well that was the shortest sabbatical ever.  I’ve been nominated for The Liebster Award by lovely fellow-blogger PaigeRita. It is for bloggers with 200 or less followers. Thank you, Paige!!

The rules she gave are as such:

  • Acknowledge the blogger that nominated you
  • Answer the questions they asked
  • Nominate 10 bloggers with under 200 followers
  • Inform the bloggers you have nominated them
  • Post 10 questions for them to answer

The bloggers I nominate are Donna,  Deane, Art,  Dear Sylvia, De Novo, thataddictedgirl, artlesslyfit , Harrison’s Blog, and the TJ Blog. I’m short one because all the other blogs I follow have over 200 followers.

The questions Paige gave me (and the answers) are below:

  • What is the history of/meaning behind your name? If you’d rather not put your name online, what is the background of your blog title? Answer:  I love poetry and words, and I found out that there really are words that rhyme with orange, hence Orange Blorenge (a mountainous region in…oh just ask me. I’ll tell you).
  • Where is the most exciting place you’ve been and what did you see? In my own mind and heart. And I saw mostly good but some not-so-good
  • What is your earliest memory? Uh…ask my therapist.
  • Did you ever do anything hilariously horrible as a kid? What was it? (Bonus points if it involves embarrassing a parent.) I was about seven and my friend and I were playing with matches in a field and set it on fire.  We ran.  The fire-department came. I got grounded for a long time.
  • What awards have you won? What is your favorite? I once won $500 for a philosophy paper I wrote in college. 
  • What blog post of your own is your favorite so far? The poem that fell out of me about my mother.
  • Do you have any outfits that makes you feel totally great about your body? Describe it!  I’m a tom-boy but I scored and bought what otherwise would be very expensive little silk black dress at a thrift-store that fell/draped over my body like uh, I wouldn’t mind wearing to the Oscars. It sits in my closet unworn.  Ever.
  • What is your favorite thing about yourself/best attribute of your body?  My cheek-bones, with which I could dial a telephone.
  • Do you have any unusual talents? I know all the words to the Brady Bunch theme song.
  • What do you think would make for the greatest meal? A medium-rare steak, corn, and a baked potato.  Lava cake for dessert.

I Miss you Already!

Hi All, Now that the blogging and poetry classes are over (whew!) I’ll be working on researching, and reading  everything I can get my hands on that has anything to do with writing ad copy.  And reading everything I can on writing creative non-fiction. And will start writing some tiny little pieces to (hopefully) get published in magazines, and online (although at this very early stage I’ll be happy to start collecting rejection slips).

So, I need to put blogging on hold for a while.  And I think instead of just un-following the blogs I love, I’m going to turn off the Notifications so I don’t get notified when the blogs I follow post.  If I didn’t, reading what you write would be too much of an attention grabber for me to leave alone.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know this so that if you don’t hear back from me (in Likes and Comments) like you usually do, you’ll know that I haven’t gone out on a month-long drinking binge or am in jail, or in the hospital from a fiery car-wreck, or worst: ignoring you.

I won’t be ignoring you, I’ll be missing you.

Love, and write-on,

Susan (Dusty)

The Finger Poem assignment

I’ve tried but I got nothing.  The well is dry today so before I go into a full-on block, I’m giving you a link to someone who has a LOT to say about fingers.  Specifically, giving the finger.  I hope you’ve been doing your Kegels.

You’re welcome.

A new drop-down menu – yay!

Wow – I finally have a theme that permits me to have a drop-down menu.  I was using Penscratch and this new theme is Truly Minimal. I think Penscratch does allow for a drop-down menu but it wasn’t until I switched to this new theme that I could finally execute directions Michelle (rocks) and Art gave me to make a drop-down menu work. And, this theme has a featured image capability (I think – I’m still learning the terms) so I can get a different image on each post, rather than only having the landing page header throughout.

Feel free to correct my assumptions if they’re incorrect!

Writing101: Ballad


I met him in the place one goes

when wine’s become like water,

this room had become my second home

as a father, and I its daughter.

I never once much noticed him

though I found in him much mirth,

and he had years and years on coin

but for me this was a first.

His humor rankled many but

I like his  bawdy truth,

he asked me for a tennis date

an old-timer but me in my youth.

We tried and tried, we gave it a go

but our differences were too many,

not the least of which was my tiny time,

and an unknown girl named Jenny.

My truths I wore upon my sleeve

my belly soft and sweet

but he lived a life away from me

that held secrets full of heat.

It took some time, he’s been long gone

for years now, and for that I’m glad.

And I heard he relapsed a week ago

Hi Karma!  (I’m not sad).

And he had years and years on coin

for me it’d been  a first

be careful who you hang around

the first year of your birth.





For the Living (my late elegy poem)

for Angie

it’s true  my first thought

was it could have been me

I thought I could transform

it  the horror and not know it like

the Palace Hotel and Goldie’s

and six-inch yellow heels

(I loved those shoes)

but finally there isn’t anything left

to say really   to do  only that it slips

through   the knowing

like a knife and at least each time

I’m a little less surprised

at how cold